SWG Spy Abilities Guide: A Beginner’s Primer on Using Stealth Tricks in Star Wars Galaxies

In the galactic civil war that Star Wars Galaxies players participate every time they log into the game, not every character class is full of romance or attempts to gather the glory to itself.. In fact, there is one class in Star Wars Galaxies that is extremely important to the war efforts of both the Empire and the Rebellion that gets little to no attention. The spy sneaks through the galaxy trying to steal the secrets of opponents while trying to avoid detection.

To level up as a spy in Star Wars Galaxies a player will need to have is character rely on stealth, poisons, and dirty tricks to increase his combat level and gain expertises. The abilities available to a spy in Star Wars Galaxiesmake this process easier as he levels up. This article will guide you through the steps on how to be an effective spy when gaining combat levels.

Stealth: the Most Important Spy Weapon

It is important for a spy not to get caught when trying to steal secrets. With dark Jedi running around making far more inventive and easier torture options available in the Star Wars Galaxies universe than those used in the real world, it is important not to end up in their hands or in the hands of the rebellion depending on which side you’re on. Luke Skywalker’s whining has been banned as an interrogation method on 30 planets. As a spy in Star Wars Galaxies increases his combat level, he will gain tricks that enable him to strike from the shadows.

The abilities you learn as a spy increases as your combat levels go up. The hiding abilities are:

  • Sneak
  • Skulk
  • Shroud
  • Vanish

As you gain experience as a Star Wars Galaxies you try to avoid detection by enemies by going behind their backs. At higher levels a combination of skills and technological marvels, your spy can literally disappear from sight. How long you can perform this amazing feat depends on your stats. Not only do these abilities allow your Star Wars Galaxies spy to avoid detection, these abilities also allow you to strike deadly blows against your opponents from the shadows.

Ranged abilities and poisoned traps help take down the spy’s foe to help him extract the vital information for his side. Even a complete neophyte will figure out when and how to use them soon enough, but you need to know what the ranged combat abilities are before your spy can use them.

Using Poison Traps and Ranged Abilities in Star Wars Galaxies

The professional thieves of secrets in the Star Wars Universe are not expected to rely on stealth alone, but carrying around a large, high-damage weapon tends to attract unwanted attention from the law enforcement on the planet where you are carrying out your mission. There are times when a simple blaster is not enough. When you find you need more firepower, your spy gets to use even more cool spy high technology of the Star Wars Galaxies universe to make sure your shots pack enough punch.

The three ranged abilities are poisoned fang, flash bang, and Arachnine’s web. The first is a simple poisoned dart attack used best at range. Flash bang is a grenade attack that blinds the spy’s opponent and lowers accuracy and Arachnine’s web is an escape ability that slows the opponent buying you time to get away from your enemies.

The ranged combat abilities are nice to use, but if you want to master the spy arts, you must learn to combine them with traps to make sure to take your opponents down so that you get the experience to progress to the highest combat levels.