Top 5 Best Video Game Blogs – Gaming Blog List: Video Game Blog Sites for Reviews, Previews, Industry News, and More

Video game blogs offer a quick means of obtaining information on the video game industry with the up-to-date news segments, reviews of the latest games, previews of upcoming games, op-ed pieces about the video game industry, and more. Some offer a unique sense of humor, while others offer information on video game jobs, or the best deals on cheap video games. Whatever the niche, there’s a video game blog to fulfill it.

Read below for the Top 5 Video Game Blogs, and a short description of what makes them unique. Links to each video game blog is provided in the screen shots at the bottom of the article.

Joystiq – Jack-of-All Video Game Blog with a Sense of Humor –

As far as video game blogs are concerned, Joystiq offers a wide variety of topics, segments, and writers, with a pleasing web interface that is easy to both read and navigate. Those looking for a single video game blog to cover all of their gaming needs will likely find it in Joystiq.

Joystiq’s “Review Roundup” feature gives quotations and ratings from numerous gaming reviews sites, which can help give gamers an overall perspective of a new game without the requirement of reading full reviews. Gamers interested in more than just text-based blogs should delight in Joystiq’s various forms of multimedia, such as video reviews, preview clips, podcasts, and their “Best of Webcomic” feature.

In addition to all this, sometimes posts are worth reading simply because of the quality writing style and sense of humor, especially posts by the unique Ludwig Kietzmann.


Kotaku – Video Game News, Feature Columns and Editorials –

Similar to Joystiq, Kotaku offers a one-stop shop for video game news, previews, reviews, and just about anything else a gamer needs. Overall, Joystiq’s interface is far more pleasing to the eye, the light blue theme with white pages and black text makes for a easy time on the eyes, while Kotaku’s unfortunate pee yellow and puke green gradients with pink links is a bit of a strain at times.

One good design element is in the reviews. Paragraphs with blue text highlight a game’s greatest strengths, while paragraphs in red highlight the game’s significant drawbacks, making for a quick and easy way to see a game’s pros and cons.

Perhaps Kotaku’s greatest strength is in the feature articles. They can range from thoughtful discussions on the never ending video games as art debate, to more silly, humorous articles such as a “Victimization Record” for Princess Peach’s numerous kidnappings.

Gamasutra – Video Game Industry and Business –

Gamasutra offers video games news like most blogs, but instead gives a unique focus on the video game industry, business, and video game development.

This video game blog offers a video game jobs / resumes section, where it’s possible to browse job postings from major video game companies such as Bungie Studios, Activision, and WB Games. It also gives extensive feature columns on various aspects of video game development, such as programming, art, audio, design, and production.

Gamasutra is one of the best video game resources for those looking to become game makers instead of just game players.

Cheap Ass Gamer – Cheap Video Games and Deals –

While CAG does offer some more general features offered by most video game blogs, such as the occasional reviews and previews, its primary focus is cheap video games.

Cheap Ass Gamer keeps gamers up to date on the latest video game deals from Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Meijer, Gamestop, and other major retailers, and oftentimes breaks the news on some incredible, cheap video game deals. The blog, however, only shows about half of CAG’s potential for saving gamers money. Those truly serious about finding the best deals, especially those looking for great Black Friday deals, must sign up for an account to access the forums.

The CAG Forums are especially useful for those planning to grab sweet video game deals on Black Friday or the day after Christmas.

Game Politics – Video Game Blog on Politics, Media, Law –

Similar to Gamasutra, Game Politics focuses more on the serious side of video games – meant for serious gamers and those intending to (or already working in) the video game industry. But instead of focusing on the business end of things, Game Politics looks at where video games are as a form of media, and also examines controversies surrounding games.

In addition to providing thought-provoking articles and keeping up-to-date news posts on politics related to video games and the latest video games related research, Game Politics provides a useful list of links at the bottom of their blog, with topics ranging from free speech and parental resources to games about politics and useful websites related to the video game industry.

Top 5 Video Game Blogs Conclusion

Video game blogs cover a wide range of topics, from news, previews, and reviews, to engaging discussions about video game politics, opportunities for video game jobs and working in the gaming industry, and even hints and tips on buying cheap video games.